About Me

During the break up of my marriage in 1995, I began my journey into the spiritual side of life wanting to be taught the tarot cards, after having a reading by a medium who said that I had this gift waiting to find its expression.

I then found a spiritual teacher named Hazel Bailey whom I wanted to teach me how to read the tarot cards and was then soon introduced to spiritual and reiki healing. Under her guidance I quickly formed a deep and strong connection to the world of spirit which has lead me on my path of love and healing.

About six months later, whilst relaxing at home, I had the inspiration to start writing. I would pen inspirational verses and poems which soon grew into a very extensive collection. I would write about love, wisdom, God and peoples challenges and heartaches on their journey of their lives to give them some help, hope and comfort.

Now, over twenty years later, I continue to write poems and inspirational verses and have realised my long held dream of having my writing published in a book which I am so proud of and so excited to bring into the world. I have the material to write another four or five books and will keep you in touch of developments.

I sincerely hope you enjoy reading the words I was gifted and inspired to write and I hope that I can give the help, hope and healing to your path, wherever that takes you.